The Effects of Marijuana on the Mind

Smokers of marijuana will be familiar with the sensations they get from smoking. This article will discuss the brain effects of THC and the negative effects of excessive marijuana use.

How does Marijuana affect the brain?

THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, works on certain parts of the brain’s hardware called cannabinoid receivers. The activation of a cannabinoid receptor by THC causes a series of cellular reactions which eventually lead to the high you get from smoking weed. The brain contains cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are most prevalent in certain areas of the brain. They are found in the areas that have the greatest influence on pleasure, time and memory. These receptors can be overwhelmed by regular marijuana use, which can cause negative mental effects. Recent studies have shown that regular marijuana use can change online dispensary canada  the brain’s dopamine pleasure receptors.

What are the Negative effects of Marijuana use on the Mind?

Studies have shown that marijuana smoking can cause memory loss and mental impairments for as long as a few days. Smoking daily or more can cause a decrease in mental function. There is also evidence that marijuana use can lead to mental disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and even depression. These illnesses are still being investigated. You are more likely to experience a psychotic episode if you have had a psychotic reaction to marijuana than if your last smoked. Quitting smoking marijuana is a great way to gain clarity of mind.

My biggest problem with my addiction to marijuana was my inability to remember things and how forgetful and lazy I was. This is called “amotivational syndrome”. We refer to people who smoke a lot and are motivated by marijuana as “burnouts”. While some people smoke often and can be functional, others can’t. My personal opinion is that marijuana-induced depression is a motivational syndrome.

Are you ready to quit smoking marijuana?

One of the main reasons I quit smoking pot was to get my head back after having smoked for almost ten years. Now that I’m not consuming marijuana all the time, I feel a better person. Many people struggle to quit smoking marijuana because they don’t know what to expect or have no plan.