The world of Roblox has many scary horror games despite its quirkiness. Although most of these games are suitable for children of all ages and are family-friendly, some are disturbing and intense. Visit  for more information.

Some of these games are not suitable for children younger than 8. This article will show you the top Roblox horror games, as well as tell you which ones you should and shouldn’t be playing. For more information, please refer to this guide on Roblox’s parental controls. 

15 3008

Roblox’s most loved horror game, 3008 is set in an IKEA. Yes. Yes.

You must build a base to defend yourself against the rampaging employees. It’s big, it’s dark and it’s terrifying. This is the perfect game for friends to play together as you attempt to survive the night of 3008.

14 Horror Tycoon

There’s a list of the best Tycoon games on Roblox. But Horror Tycoon turns the genre upside down by allowing the player to build an army of scary characters. Although there are a few games that share this name, they all have the same gameplay.

There are many horror characters you can collect. Some of them are well-known, while others are new to the world. Slender, the terrifying Sonic character, and frightening animatronics are just a few of the horror characters you can collect. Your horror tycoon empire will be the most successful on the server. Give other players the scare of their lives.

13 Scary Elevators

These games are very popular. With your friends, you descend to different floors to try and survive. Each floor has a terrifying experience. Are you able to make it to the top of the elevator? Roblox has a slew of horror games. Pick your favorite and start playing.

Scary Elevator now has new characters that are scary, which has attracted many new players. The number of floors has increased to 44 in recent updates. This means that there is plenty to do and see by the time you reach the bottom. Scary Elevator 2 is also available.

12 The Horror Mansion

A haunted house is the best. This Roblox game captures the terror of wandering through dark corridors and other ominous spaces.

These games have two: The Horror Mansion (or The HORROR Mansion). The first one is lighter and has some laughs, while the second game is more serious. There are no laughs. There is only fear. You can check them both and decide which one is best.

11 Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a fun horror game that you can play with friends. You can have up to four players. Although the game is less frightening with more friends, you may still be frightened by each other in the darkness.

It’s a puzzle game where you have to search dark, spooky rooms to find keys. You will find that the keys are often in different locations, so there is no one way to play it all. You should be careful, as there may be something lurking in the darkness.

10 Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a popular Roblox game and is suitable for all ages. This is a remake of Cluedo or Among Us. One murder is per round. A group of innocents tries to find out who it was and a Sheriff who can assist.

It’s not scary. It’s not, but the premise maybe a little too dark for younger children. Roblox’s game is very similar to a cartoon that kids would see on morning TV, thanks to its quirky graphics and comedy guns.

9 Alone in a Dark House

Alone In A Dark House is on the other end of the scary spectrum. This one is quite scary. This is a classic horror setup: an abandoned house with many secrets and very few lightbulbs. This game is story-based and there are many endings. Not all of them are pleasant.

You can either play with other players to make it less frightening or you can play on your own for the most intense fights. It is not recommended for children under five years old as it can be frightening.

8 Stop It, Slender!

Roblox has seen a lot of Slender titles, and their popularity is increasing every day. Stop It, Slender! is the most played title in 2021. This atmospheric, spooky game requires you to find hidden pages before your Slender finds them.

Stop It, Slender! This game has all the elements of a horror movie: a flickering flashlight and an abandoned, ruined building. And, of course, there’s the strange, faceless Slender that chases you through the night. This game is still fun, despite the blurry textures and blocky graphics.

7 The Mirror

The Mirror is another very disturbing Roblox game. You will be scared by jump scares and other dodgy sounds. The underground bunker is full of mirrors. However, they are not what they seem.

This game can be played with others, but it is a very solo experience. Is this a good choice for children younger than 8? No, probably not. It’s not a good idea to instill a fear of mirrors at a young age. It’s still a good place to get your free Roblox haircuts.

6 Zombie Attack

This is a more relaxing version of Call of Duty: Zombies that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is not real. Roblox is known for its animations and textures. This one is great for kids.

What is the game’s structure? A group of players must defend themselves against the swarm’s zombies each round. You have a variety of guns and upgrades that you can use. You can respawn as an infected zombie if you are a defender and you fall.

5 Piggy

What could be more sinister than a Pig using a baseball bat to fend for himself? Nothing. Nothing could be more sinister. Roblox’s Piggy franchise is a popular and long-running franchise that has attracted hundreds upon thousands of players.

It’s simple. You have to solve a puzzle and avoid the stares of Piggy. It is currently in its second book, the seventh chapter. At the time of writing, the game has received over eight billion visits. This is a lot of players.

4 Survive the Killer

Are you seeing a trend in Roblox horror videos? Survive The Killer is one of many games where you are running from the hunter. The rules are slightly different because one player is the killer every round.

Another Roblox game that is hugely popular in 2021 has a steady 10,000+ player base. There are many ways to increase your character’s level, just like in all other Roblox games.

3 The Mimic

The Mimic, a horror-based story game similar to Slender. You enter an abandoned building (a high school this time) in search of clues. It is currently in its third chapter and is one of the most loved Roblox horror games this year.

It uses jump scares and spooky lighting. The game also tells stories through notes scattered around the school. It is suitable for children under the age of 8. It’s not recommended for young children, but it is one of the more frightening games on this list.

2 Insane Elevators

These Roblox games let you hop in an elevator to get some in-game currency. However, it is usually something frightening (a Slender or a Piggy or some Zombies). You can play it with several other players.

Insane Elevator doesn’t seem too scary. This is why it is one of the most loved horror games on Roblox. This game is suitable for everyone, and the fact that there are so many players makes it more entertaining than scary.

1 Breaking Point

Breaking Point was initially banned on Roblox, but it is now one of the most played games on the platform. It’s a kind of murder mystery game in which players take it in turns and take down all the others.

The game is won by the last person alive, much like Werewolf. The game is scary. It’s dark, but it’s not scary.

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