Power Strip vs. Extension Cord – Which Should You Use?

It’s simple to interchange common electrical accessories when we talk about home. The power strip and extension cord are two different things. We will discuss the differences between an extension cord and a power strip, and which one is best for you.

Power Strip

A power strip, as its name suggests, is a collection of electrical sockets that have a cable and an electrical plug at one end. This device can power multiple electrical devices located nearby, such as those found inside an entertainment area.

A power strip is an electrical block that connects to a cord and plugs into a wall socket. These power strips are used when there are not enough outlets to supply your electrical needs. You likely have one or several of these in your home at any given moment.

A multi-outlet adapter (sometimes called an outlet tap) is another common electrical device you may have in your home. They work in the same way as power strips, but they have a different appearance.

A power strip is a set of outlets that are attached to a cord. A multi-outlet adapter, on the other hand, is a set of outlets that you plug into the wall receptacle.

Power strips do not surge protectors. A power strip is an extension cord with multiple sockets. An internal circuit breaker is used to protect appliances in the event of an overload. A power strip does not have one. To find out if your surge protector or power strip is included, check the appropriate UL label.

Extension Cord

You can easily guess what this accessory is based on its name. An extension cord is an extended length of electrical cable that has at least one socket and one plug on each end. It can be used to extend the power outlet to an appliance or other electrical device distant.

There are many types of extension cords, depending on their intended use. Some extend up to 2 feet, while others can go 30 feet.

Use of Extension Cords and Power Strips in Certain Situations

The two terms can be confusing, especially because some power strips have long cables that are similar to extension cords. The main difference lies in their purpose.

  • A power strip can be used to increase the number of outlets coming from one source.
  • An extension cord is a way to extend a power source toward a distant appliance.

These are the best ways to make the most of your extension cord and power strip:

Power strip

Entertainment rack with multiple audio/video devices, computer setup with router and printer, permanent installation of multiple sockets.

Power strips are a useful tool for providing additional electrical access to light-load appliances such as computers and lamps, provided they are used sparingly. Power strips are intended to be temporary solutions that can be used as temporary electrical fixtures.

Extension cord

Appliances located far from an electric outlet, temporary electrical set-up, an extension of power to occasional outside appliances.

The Final Word

Safety is your top priority, regardless of whether you are using a power strip or an extension cord. Don’t overload a power strip by using too many appliances.

You can make the most of the power strip and extension cord by knowing their purpose.

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