10 The Most Important Elements Of Website

Your website is a key tool for business owners to gain more clients and customers. What is the difference between a great website and a terrible website? These are the qualities that a great site will need. It doesn’t matter if you retain make space. You should find them useful as your Louisville-based web designers.

1 Navigation

The website design must be simple to navigate. All menu items should be easily accessible from every page. The website should be easy to navigate and the viewer should know where they are at all times. If possible, a site map is a good idea. Although this sounds simple, most websites could use some improvements in this area. It is important to remember that there is a fine line between an informative menu and one that is too annoying. So functionality should be the goal.

2 Visual Design

Great graphics are a great way to increase the appeal of your website. People are visual-oriented. Your web development for a website only has a fraction of a second to impress visitors and customers. This will let them know that you and your business (by proxy), are trustworthy and professional. It’s important to not go too far. You should use scrolling text, animations, and flash intros sparingly in your web design. They are meant to highlight a point and maximize the effect.

3 Content

Your website’s backbone is your content. Your content plays a significant role in search engine placement. It is also the reason that most visitors visit your website. Website text should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. A well-written web copy and content will make your website design more popular, engaging, and effective.

4 Web Friendly

Your website design can’t be useful unless it is web-friendly. Your web designers must be familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your site’s search engine placement and visual appearance are affected by many factors. Make sure your web designers are well-versed in this topic.

5 Interaction

An effective website design will engage your visitors instantly and keep their attention on EVERY page. It can also influence them to get in touch with you. Conversion is the ultimate goal of your website. There is a fine line between “interaction” and “annoyance”, so the benefit should not outweigh the inconvenience.

6 Information Accessibility

Many visitors may not be interested in your site or have the time or patience to look through the whole site. Some visitors may only need to find a specific number, address or a small amount of information. It’s crucial to make sure that key information is clearly visible and in an easily accessible area. It’s a frustrating experience for anyone who has ever tried to find the information they need on a website. It’s annoying, at best. A disgruntled visitor will not stay on your website for long, and it is very unlikely that they will return.

7 Intuitiveness

A great website is able to anticipate what visitors are thinking, caters to their needs and arranges elements in a way that makes sense. It is important to have a landing page on your website that is relevant to the search terms of a visitor searching for your product or service via a search engine. Remember that the straightest distance between two points can be a straight line.

8 Branding

Your website should reflect your business and brand. The website should be able to connect your logo, printed material, and brick-and mortar location. This not only increases the memorability and credibility of your brand, but also enhances your business image.

9 Turnaround Time

Website design clients have one major complaint: the slow pace of getting their site online. A company that takes too long to build your website is not a good choice. You lose more business and valuable time if your website takes longer to finish. Websites that aren’t online and don’t work properly won’t bring in any business.

10 Conversion

Your website is the most important source of new clients for your business. It should be focused on bringing in new clients as well as making existing clients aware of the additional services you offer. Your website conversion will be higher if you provide them with the tools they require to do business with your company in an easy-to-use and enjoyable manner. This will help you achieve the success you desire.

Remember that your relationship with your web developer will likely last as long as your business, so make wise choices! I hope you find this helpful!